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Discover The Company Creating Mobile Games For Nigerians

After noticing a glaring lack of representation in the mobile gaming industry, Nigeria-born Zubair Abubakar and Bayo Puddicombefounded ChopUp, a mobile gaming company that develops locally relevant games – using Nigerian narratives.

During an interview with Native Edge, Abubkar spoke about what inspired them to create ChopUp:

“When we participated in Nokia’s Create for Millions App competition and we came 3rd in West Africa, we realized that there is huge demand in games especially when its something people can relate with.”

(Photo: ChopUp)

(Photo: ChopUp)

With over 20 games available on Android and iOS: From games that let you fight Boko Haram in the Sambisa forest to games that tap into your nostalgia – like table soccer and monkey post – it’s clear that Chop Up is only justgetting stared.

You can learn more about ChopUp and play their highly addictive games by visiting their website.

Sambisa Assault

In Sambisa Assault you are a soldier on an elite team of military fighters tasked with taking out a dreaded terrorist organization in the sambisa forest.


In Jumpology  you play as Baba Lasisi as he find himself stuck in between his evil doppleganger and a monkey whose bananas he unintentionally stole.

Monkey Post

Based on the popular game of the same nameMonkey Post is the latest offering from ChopUp. You start the player off with a newbie team with skills you can upgrade as you progress in the game.

player off with a newbie team with skills you can upgrade as you progress in the game.



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