Fans talked about why Nigeria’s celebrities refuses to promote Falz – “This is Nigeria” New release.

Nigerian Fans talked about why Nigeria’s celebrities refuses to promote Falz (The Badh Guy) – “This is Nigeria” New release.


Some Nigerians on Twitters have called out Nigerian artistes to be hypocrites after a number of them were spotted prostrating and kneeling on the American musicians’ page, thanking him for taking Nigeria to the world!

Since the release of Falz’s latest song #ThisisNigeria, there have been discussions about some of the issues raised in the satirical music!

Everything took a twist however when American godfather of music Sean Combs aka Diddy acknowledged the song and posted it on his instagram page, not once but twice!

In a short while, a number of Nigerian stars stormed his page to appreciate him for recognizing one of their own.

Surprisingly, just as many others have noticed, we found out that many of these stars have not personally celebrated the song or hailed Falz until they saw the video trending on Diddy’s page!

This has made Nigerians refer to some of these artistes as hypocrites who only worship foreign stars but leave their own until the stars they worship do it for them.

Not only did Diddy post the song, he changed his location to ‘Nigeria’ which is actually a big deal whether or not we agree!

But really, are Nigerian stars hypocrites who don’t celebrate each others’ success?


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