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Da Emperor is an indigenous yoruba fast rising rapper – a singer/songwriter that calls Ogun state his home. Although he is focusing on putting smiles on his fans face and is also an actor, he is always devoting time to his passion-music and can’t do without the word of God. He is humbled everyday by the amount of work and dedication it takes to be a musician. Music is a huge part of his life and he devotes much of his creative energy to it and gets inspired by life happenings. Learn more about Da Emperor, and hear him sing, through his interview on our platform!

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LOBAMz: Good Afternoon sir, we welcome you to PaPaPa Online Interview. I am Lobamz by name.

Da Emperor: Thank you for having me, good afternoon. Da Emperor lomona, Fasasi Mobolaji by birth.

LOBAMz: Okay, it is good to have you here Mr Fasasi Mobolaji A.K.A “Da Emperor”.

Da Emperor: Eshe e ku ife wa 😀

LOBAMz: Awa ni yen, May I know your profession sir?

Da Emperor: Indigenous rapper and actor #Ibile.

LOBAMz: Presently, Are you one of the Ibile United rappers in Naija?

Da Emperor: Hmmmm, One love is the game.

Da Emperor: I’ve got no beef for no one, the skye is wide enough.

LOBAMz: Am glad you mention “ONE LOVE” it makes me remember that naija legendary artist Mr 2 Face Idibia.

LOBAMz: So at what age did you start Singing and Acting?

Da Emperor: Ha! Jesu!!! As young as I could remember, But I knew at the age of ten I was a choir member.

LOBAMz: Oh Really!

Da Emperor: Yea, and before 12 or so I was the Choir master, So it can be dated wayback.

Da Emperor: Errrmmm, Hahahah
I play gangan, But not talking drum tho, i mean the other gangan.

Da Emperor: “Smiles”, I Learnt it when I joined the choir then and a little bit of piano and drums, But I never finish I learning processand I also learnt flute too but didnt finish my class.

LOBAMz: Lol, Maybe you should teach me gangan and piano as well

Da Emperor: I’ll teach u but u know what happens when a learner teaches a novice yeah? =D

LOBAMz: Do you write your own songs? If so, where do you get inspiration?

Da Emperor: Yea I do write myself and I get inspired by life happenings. It’s the best inspiration ever.

LOBAmz: Who are your inspirations?

Da Emperor: God Almighty is my inspiration O:)

LOBAMz: What is your favorite part about singing and performing?

Da Emperor: My favorite part is putting smiles on my fans face, that’s the most important.

LOBAmz: And what is your favorite quote song to sing live?

Da Emperor: I dont get you right, you mean my song?

LOBAMz: Yes.

Da Emperor: Well I’ll go for “PARA MODE” It’s always energetic “Emi ma nsokale” lol.

LOBAMz: “Emi ma nsokale” means what in English? Lol.

Da Emperor: The spirit descends lol.

LOBAMz: Where has been your favorite place you have performed?

Da Emperor: Lots of places, so far it’s nice and the turn up is fabulous then it’s my favorite or better still recently at oriental hotel in Lagos.

LOBAMz: So if you could perform anywhere, in the world, where would it have to be apart from Naija Motherland?

Da Emperor: Staples Centre or the Grammys maybe 

LOBAMz: I think Grammy will be a perfect ground, so if you could perform with anyone, in the future, who would it have to be?

Da Emperor: These type of questions tho#:-s Anyone? Lilwayne 😉 or T.I.

LOBAMz: How about here in Naija, or do you think negerian musician are not up to your expectation?

Da Emperor: Hmmm, in Naija 2Baba, M.I, And everyother leader of the new school.

LOBAMz: We learnt you featured “the musical taliban” Oriste Femi recently in your latest single titled – FIREWOOD, what was it like working with him?

Da Emperor: Great, His a leader. In summary, We met, I freestyled the chorus for him and He voiced it. And BANG!! We killed it.

LOBAMz: Wow! Do you have any recording going on right now or events coming up?

Da Emperor: Sure lots in the pipeline, that’s a continous thingy.

LOBAMz: Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to sing?

Da Emperor: Yeah, the ultimatum. Which is self belief, improvement on a daily basis and then focus.

LOBAMz: Who is your favorite celebrity princess and why?

Da Emperor: Hmmmm Dija, Cos she’s just so amazing 😀 and loyal too.

LOBAMz: Tell us one thing you cannot live without?

Da Emperor: The word of God 😀

LOBAMz: What do you like to do in your free time?

Da Emperor: Listen to music, chill out, travel or just write more lyrics.

LOBAMz: What charity is closest to your heart?

Da Emperor: All charity are neccessary, So far doing it lights up the heart of the needy.

LOBAMz: What is your favorite restaurant/food place in Lagos?

Da Emperor: Ooh la la eateries ooo located at 37 Joel Ogunnaike, GRA. Ikeja, Lagos.

If you are a eat here too your feeding won’t remain the same again =D If u are opportuned to eat here#

LOBAMz: Thats reminds me, Been an origin of Ogun state and you base in Lagos, where would you like to call Home? Lagos or Ogun State?

Da Emperor: Omo ogun ni mi, am an ogun state boy Based In lagos state. I would never point at my father’s house with a left finger 

LOBAMz: Now, that your fans know much about you. What would you like to say to them and where else can they get more information about you?

Da Emperor: I’ll like to say a big thank you for your support and believe in me, and to every dream chaser out there. Keep ur head up after the rain comes sunshine.

Da Emperor: Hook up with your favorite buoy DA EMPEROR @Daemperor01 on instagram, twitter and skype also visit my website on

LOBAMz: Thanks for spending your precious time with us, we hope to see you at the top of the music industry in the nearest future.

Da Emperor: Thanks for having me on your platform. God bless you #PapapaMedia

LOBAMz: Take care and be safe Da Emperor Mr Firewood, lol.


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