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Oludare David aka “Dah-Ray” is a Yoruba & English rising rapper – He recently featured Mz Kizz in he’s new single titled “Koshi”. He is focusing on “the street and the truth”, by been original. He’s music tells lots of story lines and rhymes in it.
Learn more about Day-Ray, and listen to his music, through his interview on our platform

LOBAMz: Good evening sir, we welcome you to PaPaPa Online Interview With Lobamz.

Dah-Ray: It’s a pleasure.

LOBAMz: Please tell us what you’re into, and your full name.

Dah_Ray: I’m an artiste, and basically into rap……full names are ‘Oludare David’.

LOBAMz: Oludare David a.k.a???

Dah-Ray: A.k.a Dah-Ray Lol.

LOBAMz: Ok Dah-Ray, there are lots of rap artiste in the country making good rap songs out their. So, tell us what type of rap do you do and what are your target audience?

Dah-Ray: I rap both in yoruba and english……their are lots of good rappers out their but that doesn’t stop me from having my audience….theirs surely a place for me.

LOBAMz: Huh! You seem to be bold and strong in making your own target audience. Now, tell us what your listeners should expect in your kind of music and what they’ll get out of it.

Dah-Ray: My music is for the young, the old, both males and females….. “they should expect the street and the truth”.

LOBAMz: “The Street and the Truth”? Are you one of the rappers who involve in story telling. Lol, or you’re just trying to be original in your makings.

Dah-Ray: Yea, I tell a lot of stories in my lines and rhymes…..and don’t forget R.A.P means ‘Rhythm Applied Poetry’.

LOBAMz: Okay, talking about “Rhythm and Poetry” If you’ll compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?

Dah-Ray: I really go with dagrin….cause he established everything….

LOBAMz: Yea, DaGrin was a legend in making when it comes to rap music in Nigeria.

LOBAMz: So is DaGrin your hero?
Dah-Ray: Yea Dagrin.

LOBAMz: I remember my days as a rap act, DaGrin was always on my memories each time I try to write my music. So, tell us what were you thinking about mostly when you try to develop your songs.

Dah-Ray: I think abt the challenges I face, what I go through and what’s happening around me….and to top it all, God gave me d Talent.

LOBAMz: Sometimes, your talent is not enough, That’s what most people say in the music industry. Do you believe? If not, tell us the difficulties you endure as a young rap act in the music industry.
Dah-Ray: Truly their are difficulties but God will make the way.

LOBAMz: Amen.

Dah-Ray: Amen….thank you.

LOBAMz: How will you feel if you finally get your break through?
Dah-Ray: I’ll be filled with joy cause the hustle didn’t go in vain and that God really is working… which I know it’ll surely be.

LOBAMz: How many songs do you have out there for your fans and which one are you presently promoting?

Dah-Ray: Six to seven songs and I’m currently pushing ‘koshi’ by ‘Dah-ray’ ft ‘Mz kiss’.

LOBAMz: Mz Kiss is one of the female big act in the country. I’m sure getting her on that track is worth to add to your credit.

Dah-Ray: Yes, Smile

LOBAMz: On what platforms can we get your songs? Kindly mention few of them.

Dah-Ray: Naijashine, naijaloaded, popshugar….just to mention few.

LOBAMz: On what social media can your fans reach out to you? Name them and list each links in front respectively.

Dah-Ray: People can reach me on:

LOBAMz: What do you have to say to your fans and what should they expect from you soon.

Day-Ray: They shld keep repping and supporting the brand ‘Dah-Ray’ and shld expect another dope jam anytime soon.

LOBAMz: Thanks for having you here with us, we hope you’ll be here when next you are needed to be on Papapa Online Interview With “LOBAMz”. Smiles

Dah-Ray: God will watch over us all.

LOBAMz: See you next time.

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