Lil’ Kesh Opens Up On Why He Dropped Out Of School


Popular singer, Lil’ Kesh has opened up on why he had to leave university prematurely.
The singer, who is also the CEO of YAGI records, revealed that though he intended to study computer science, he was given linguistics and that he dropped out of the University of Lagos simply because it was hard having to merge schooling with music.
The singer said, ”It was hard getting into a school. it’s hard to get into the university. I wrote JAMB 3 times, the last time I got into Unilag but the course I wanted was not what I got. I wanted computer science from the onset but eventually I don’t know how I ended in Linguistics. As long as you enter Unilag, that’s what matters.”
The singer also talked about having to leave school since he could not merge schooling and music.
”I had to move I didn’t finish, i had to go to a more private school, now i do like a more online thing, cos its hard being in school,” the singer said.
Lil’ Kesh also revealed that he would not leave music to go back to schooling.
Which money would i use to pay my school fees, is it not music money?, if i leave music how will i pay my school fees. They both work hand in hand. I cant leave music for anything now.

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