Music: Shakira – “Nada”

Nada” is a power ballad featuring drums and piano where Shakira says that she could have all the money and fame in the world, but that if she doesn’t have the love of the man she loves (Gerard Piqué), then she would have nothing (nada). And I agree with her, if you didn’t have the love of this man
Nada” is cute but doesn’t it sound like a ballad any new artist could come up with? It’s kind of very cheesy and not the level of music I imagined Shakira would be doing at this time of her career. This is very “first album” material. But it’s cute… and honest.
Favorite lyric: “ Na ah-ah nada – Oh oh Na-a-a-da no oh“. Shakira goes kind of wild at the end of the chorus and I like her delivery.

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