Samuel Ayejusunle

I write as a consecrated Nigerian who hobnob himself with the vulnerable masses. With this short epistle,I beseech you to ignore your minions and apparatchiks who are still basking on the euphoria of your ascension to power.
I always have a plethora of faith in your integrity but your cohorts have strangulated this to paucity.Plato once said to Aristotle “You are my friend but truth is my greater friend”.A lot of them keep granting you an unwarranted encomium telling you “all is well” even when the only lyrics from the songs of the masses is “things are falling apart”.
Before I stress further,let me tug into the string of your heart that your ascension to power is a great testimony to tenacity and sagacity. Let me further percolate into your mind emphatically that the poor masses were the heterogeneous make-up behind the achievement of your long term goal after various trials.
Taking you back to where it all started makes me happy for I know only with this, you can picture where you are going. Moreover,to whom much is given much is expected so as you and I hope this will invigorate the fact that your rise to this new glory is a hope rising feat for well meaning Nigerians who keep yearning for an egalitarian Nigeria.
I understand the fact that this great nation have been run aground by your predecessors but this does not call for your flagrant and execrable policies which tend to attenuate the hope we have in you. Your minions as once stated may keep painting Nigeria in your tenure to be an el-dorado but permit me to state here that this is just a facade.
I would have loved to continue with this constructive piece but I know veritably that reading this may be an herculean task for you considering your busy schedule. I therefore plead with you to do all you could in the ambit of time and power before it gets belated.
Lastly Mr president,a year and half is almost gone. I implore you to make things snappy before it gets too late. A lot might have lost hope in you but I still have an accumulated faith that you can redirect our trajectory into an el-dorado.

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