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Senator Abdulfatai Buhari, has lambasted the Nigerian youth, accusing them of lacking focus, coordination and political will to challenge the elders to hold political positions or public offices..

He said this in reaction to the recent campaign of youths with the slogan, #NotTooYoungToRun.

According to TheNation, Buhari spoke while delivering a lecture titled: ‘Not Too Young to Rule Movement: Issues, Challenges and Prospects in View,’ at a public lecture organised by the Federation of Oyo State Students’ Union (FOSSU).

His words: “Researches have shown that apart from obsession of African leaders to power, African and most especially Nigerian youths are their own worst enemy.

Looking at their percentage and their numerical strength, they ought to be dictating who gets what, when and how in our political space and even in the country at large.

But it is quite unfortunate they are not coordinated and lacks the political will to challenge the elders. According to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics 70% of the Nigerian population are youthful.”

He however, challenged Nigerian youth that the time has finally come for them “to swing to action and break the jinx of the long awaited tomorrow which may never come and start leading from today.

According to the lawmaker, there are fears over readiness of the youth to take over from the elders as there are questions over whether they have political sagacity to challenge the elders and whether they possess the experience or the wherewithal to deliver.

“In contrast today Nigerian youths have lost focus and been relegated to ordinary internet warriors, e – rats, fraudsters and political thugs arguing subjectively, illogically and irrationally in support of their pay masters, ethnic and religious colouration.

Instead of using internet as strength, they have turned it to triviality and use it to blackmail, defraud and all sort of immoralities. As chairman of senate committee on ICT & cybercrime I know the report I receive on daily basis,” he said.


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