The 20-year-old failed to impress as Manchester City were held by Celtic on Tuesday, prompting a scorning reaction from many on social media
It’s safe to say Leroy Sane did not have the best of games in Manchester City’s 1-1 draw with Celtic on Tuesday.
The Germany international was outshined by City’s loanee Patrick Roberts, who opened the scoring for Celtic after four minutes.
Despite form, Sane has bright future at City
Sane, however, could not do much right, adding nothing to the home side’s attack, and the 20-year-old was a magnet for Twitter haters as a result.
Leroy Sané is one of the worst wingers I’ve ever seen play football
10:34 PM – 6 Dec 2016
2 1
Leroy Sane is a terrible player, what a waste of money he is #UCL
10:34 PM – 6 Dec 2016
Lewis Blyth
Leroy Sané is painful to watch
10:34 PM – 6 Dec 2016
1 1
Donald Love
Leroy Sane being worth £40m means Zaza should be worth about £50m. Joke player.
10:33 PM – 6 Dec 2016
oh my god leroy sane is a woeful footballer
10:30 PM – 6 Dec 2016
5 7
Masai Lincoln
That Sane has been terrible everytime ive seen him
10:19 PM – 6 Dec 2016
Pep should’ve never bought Leroy Sané considering he will have Patrick Roberts next season, who looks better. #MCICEL
9:34 PM – 6 Dec 2016
1 5
While the former Schalke star had his fair share of critics, some were optimistic about his future.
We’ve seen glimpses of Leroy Sane’s pace and grace on the ball but lacking that final finish – you can’t fault his intent #MCFC
10:34 PM – 6 Dec 2016
Emilio Galantini
I see what some people see in Leroy Sané. Hopefully he gets some more PL game time soon.
10:34 PM – 6 Dec 2016
Barry Glib
Leroy Sane is lighting fast and very strong for a winger. Can’t wait till he gets that final touch and finish.
10:31 PM – 6 Dec 2016
1 2
Brad Twevens(12-9☘️)
And some didn’t care about Sane’s performance at all…
Leroy Sane i fancy him
10:23 PM – 6 Dec 2016
I just wanna play with Leroys hair
10:29 PM – 6 Dec 2016
What did you make of Sane – is he destined to be a future star or a big-money flop? Let us know in the comment section below!

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