Open Letter To Slimcase – Drop your “Otunba Lamba” Your Fans Can’t Wait Too Long

Open Letter To Slimcase – Drop your “Otunba Lamba” Your Fans Can’t Wait Too Long.
Truth be told, the Shaku-Shaku vibes is becoming boring and Nigerians are paying less attention to the vibes already.

It has been overused and for the fact that Slimcase himself has featured on too many collaborations, it’s high time, the self-acclaimed Otunba Lamba prove himself worthy of the fame by dropping a single that can shake the industry.

Being on the fore-front of the radar for about 7 months now without a single is a poor approach to utilizing the chance fans have given Slimcase to blow.

Now is the time to release your song “Otumba Lamba” and get all the Money, a little delay anymore might see him biting his nails.

When you hit limelight as a featured artiste, at least get a single before going back to becoming an upcoming artste. Yes! Oshozondi was actually a song by DJ Sidez which featured Slimcase and Masta T.

Slimcase was the only lucky person to make something very tangible out of the featuring and believe me you, he’s the only one still relevant from the Shaku-Shaku clan. Others are gone!

Nigeria’s music industry is crazily dynamic, the reign of Shaku-Shaku sound is almost over, the release of “Otunba Lamba” single by Slimcase might just sustain the vibe for some more but it’s sad, it might not drop soon.

Nigerians are like a one way traffic, when they are in love with you, drop banging tunes back to back, rake in enough money and enjoy the fame.. Once they turn their back at you, you might never enjoy that chance again till the end of time.

As a Music expert, the release of his single is taking longer than expected. The anticipation is tight now and now is the best time to drop it.

A little more delay is very dangerous considering the nosediving movement of the Shaku-Shaku thingy.

I drop my pen here and pray Slimcase do the right thing at the right time… Keep up the good work.

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