Popular TV personality Peace Hyde share shocking testimony on survival

– British-Ghanaian TV personality and media entrepreneur, Peace Hydeshares her testimony on social media– She took to her instagram page to share a survival story– Peace Hyde is greatful to God for sparing her life t witness another year


Ghanaian TV personality, Peace Hyde, took to her Instagram page on June 3rd, to share the horrible incident she went through on that day last year and how she survived and rebuilt her life. She wrote:“I woke up on the morning of the 3RD JUNE 2015 not realizing that I would be hospitalized BARELY holding on to my LIFE by the end of that day. I drowned and incurred horrific injuries in the Accrafloods only 12 months ago. Doctors didn’t know if I would walk again, this was the day the REST of my life CHANGED. From this day last year, EVERYDAY has been a STRUGGLE physically, mentally and emotionally. But as I look at this image I regain my STRENGTH. #FaithbuilderFamilyunlike so many souls we lost this time last year – I SURVIVED!!!. I forgot the long list of wishes I ask God for daily and simply asked him to just simply to “LET ME LIVE!”. My injuries from the flood caused me to be hospitalized for over a month with 13 metal staples in my back and 2 metal plates, I could not walk without assistance. I remember the lives I saw disappear around me andI am forever THANKFUL to God. As long as you have BREATH


#FaithbuilderFamily we must keep going to be the BEST we can be! Your life is not only SPECIAL but there is someone who is SURVIVINGdue to your STRENGTH. Because thefact that you didn’t die in YOUR struggles proves that you should ALWAYS be on a journey to become BETTER!. Never forget God is ALWAYS MOVING in your life. So many times we look for God to do anearth moving miracle right before our eyes. What we need to understand is God is NOT a genie in a bottle. Just because you don’t SEEIT, it doesn’t mean He is not moving for YOU. Maybe He SAVED YOU from a tragedy this morning and youdon’t even know it. Today#Faithbuilders as we remember all the victims and families of the flood, thank God for the miracles you don’t even know of. If you are LIVING thenyou are a MIRACLE!…#Blessed#3rdJune2015Congratulations to her.

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