Such is Life: Nomoreloss Was A Selfless Person – OJB Jezreel Said This Earlier


Ace producer, OJB Jezreel who never knew he would pass on so soon  commented on the passed of talented singer, Nomoreloss.
OJB, who before his recent interview refused to comment on the singer’s passing, finally opened up to Encomium Weekly & PaPaPaMedia Weekly Interview on how he handled Nomoreloss’s death.


He spoke to Encomium Weekly & PaPaPaMedia Weekly Interview, OJB, described the singer as a compassionate person.
There are some people if they tell you they are going to die, you will say no, it is not possible. So, I was completely in shock, I turned off my phones immediately for like a day or two. I didn’t want people to get in touch with me because I didn’t want to break the news that Nomorelose was dead.
Nomoreloss was a very selfless and happy man. He had a way of stirring you up. He was a selfless person. he would do anything for anybody. Even if it warrants removing his eyes, he wouldn’t raise any objection. He was a very selfless person.”
I don’t think you will find two people who are down to earth and want to help genuinely with no strings attached like Nomoreloss,


Before Nomoreloss ‘s death on Monday, March 2′, he single handedly help raise over $100,000 for OJB Jezreel’s kidney surgery outside the country.

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