Very Funny! Nigerian Food Quotes Some Actually Think Are Real (Must Read

I came across this hilarious quotes created by an unknown and absolutely comedic individual. As you’ll soon see, they are attributed to literary and political greats to elevate them to classic status. While these quotes may not actually be classics, they are certainly hilarious.


  1. Only a courageous woman can fry a bunch of plantain without tasting any – Albert Einstein (1872).

  2. He who fully unwraps a sharwama completely before eating it cannot keep a secret – Abraham Lincoln (1864).

  3. Any man that uses his teeth to cut shaki from pepper-soup with his eyes wide open is not afraid of anything – Martin Luther King Jnr (1900).

  4. He who ask for stew on top of jollof rice has trust issues – Alexander the III (1709).

  5. He who refuses to classify Agege bread n Akara as a type of sandwich is a racist – Martin Luther king Jnr (1931).

  6. Any man who drinks alomo bitters without squeezing up his face, is capable of murder….obasanjo (1999)

  7. Drinking Garri doesn’t mean you’re poor, but allowing the garri to swell-up before drinking is Poverty- Queen Elizabeth (1893).

  8.  He who runs around looking for scissors to cut indomie seasoning sachets is not yet hungry- (Sir Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe 1947)

  9. No mata how hot your temper is, it cannot cook yam. – Buhari (1983)


other hilarious quotes in the series…

  1. He who says nothing last forever has never tried Hausa perfume – Isaac Newton (1904).

  2. Anyone who thinks he has many enemies has never been with a mountain of fire member – William Shakespeare (1788).

  3. Anyone who graduated without experiencing strike probably has never been to Nigeria – Lord Lugard (1904).

  4. Nigeria was never on the map when God said LET THERE BE LIGHT – Goodluck Jonathan (2013)

  5. Anyone that reads this without laughing, that person is looking for a job – Lord Lugard (1914)

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