Why Nigerians are still patient with Buhari

Senator Shehu Sani, the human rights activist-turned-politician and member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has confirmed the general complaint of serious hunger in the country.
In a lengthy interview reported by the Nigerian Tribune, Sani, a senator representing one of the districts in Kaduna state, however mentioned some things that the APC-led government had done right since it took over power.

He also described the Muhammadu Buhari administration of being lucky that despite the harsh economic condition of the country, the people still supported his government.
“There are a good things the present administration has done since Buhari came in he has restored peace, confidence and security.
“However before Buhari there were bombs flying around the country in Abuja, Sokoto, Kano and Jos, among others.
“Today, he has been able to stabilise and for that we need to commend the gallantry of Nigerian Army which has done a fantastically good job in securing this country.
“And secondly, he has also been able to fight corruption not just fighting corruption but sending a clear message to all Nigerians that time of corruption is over and we will not tolerate, endorse, embrace any act of corruption in this country,” he said.
Concerning where the government was lacking, he mentioned the economy among others.“But there are a lot of things that could have been done right, which is the economy.
“When we took over, even before the hand-over, there could have been a very strong economic team that would forecast the economic weather and make necessary amendments that would cushion the hazards and prevent it from falling flat on our heads. That was the mistake that was made.
“That is on the economic side and the hardship.”
To him, Nigerians are truly suffering and “there is so much poverty, so much hunger.
“There is so much disappointment in the hearts and minds of our people. But I think we need to understand that as a government we can’t hold this for so long.
“This government has enjoyed the longest degree of patience from the people in the history of Nigeria in the sense that Nigerians are still not in the streets protesting, not going on strike; there is no disobedience campaign against the president or the federal government.”
He noted that as a result of the patience, even critics of this government are carefully measuring their words when it comes to criticisms.
“But we have up to May 29 next year, which is just a few months ahead, for Nigerians to pass a final verdict of whether we have been able to deliver our campaign promises,” he said.

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